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Quality Policy

GBS Products & Services Ltd has as one of their major business objectives the economical provision to its customers, services of manufacturing engineers to meet in full the contract requirements. A cost effective business management system is the means adopted to ensure that quality standards are met, and objective evidence made available to substantiate that achievement, it also provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

The purpose of the Systems Manual is to describe the Organisation and company policies which are the foundation of the Company’s management system, which is designed to accord with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004.

The Company has a full commitment to the principles of Quality Assurance, and recognises the necessity for the involvement and co-operation of all personnel in achieving quality in its services, meeting customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements, preventing non-conformances and in striving for continual improvement of products, services and management systems.

It is mandatory that the policies, systems and procedures outlined in this section of the manual, and more fully described in the Procedures Manual, are recognised and adhered to by all personnel of:

GBS Products & Services

The Managing Director has full authority and responsibility for the business management system described in this Manual, and for initiating and coordinating any action required to correct non-conformances and to represent the Company in all quality matters both inside and outside the Company.

Amendments to the Systems Manual may be made only with the approval of the Managing Director.

Managing Director